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Why Choose Us

We craft games and stories that fire up your imagination, and immerse you in a world full of believable characters and intricate tales that await to be discovered. Our PC and Mobile games are more than fun; theyʼre journeys and tales full of adventure, tragedy, romance and horror. Stay tuned for news on our latest quests!

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Our Games

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Project: Lambda

As a daring space smuggler, embark on a galaxy-spanning quest to save humanity. With alliances to forge, love to find, and past to confront, every choice you make will shape the universe.

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Project: Orwell

Get on “Project: Orwell”, a meta-simulated experience for when game development gets too real and on the nose. How will you manage to stay relevant and not be cancelled is unto you.

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Project: Horizon

As a 19th century journalist, embark on a journey to a remote island and unravel its mysteries. Find your way to a relaxing adventure with a hint of the supernatural.


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Sreeveni Seelam

Played zero games, but the creativity and heart for Dream Quillʼs titles are unmatched. Her words are a game developer’s delight!

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His games are pure art! The attention to detail and innovative gameplay keep us to come back. He raised the bar for the industry.

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Simon Wagner

A talented and spirited musician, Simon (Polarsound Productions) brings life to our worlds.
Enriching the player’s experience with unique vibes and immersive tracks. He is a wizard of his craft.

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Ben The Game Developer

His passion for game development shines through every level. As a fellow developer, He’s inspired by the dedication to crafting memorable experiences.

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Ready for adventure? Join us and explore incredible gaming worlds today!

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